Hi, I'm Isopescu Laurentiu, but you can call me Iso!
I'm an architect and I help people improve their lives and businesses through architecture and design. I do it by creating spaces where people love spending time and they feel happier, more comfortable and more productive. In some of my free time I go out out for a walk to observe the city and take pictures. I also I take pictures for businesses, helping them to beautifully share their spaces with the world.
Why did I become an architect and what is my purpose?
As a small child I would stay almost the whole day closed in my room drawing and playing with lego, building and destroying, over and over. In my 6th grade,
on my way home, passing by a house with an open window, I saw a man bended over a stationary drawing board, 
focused on a floorplan and meticulously drawing. Somehow, I identified with him, and I realized I wanted to do that too. When I discovered he was an architect I told myself: "I will become an architect!". 
Only later on in life I found the purpose for being an architect. It was during my 4th year of architecture school, when my parents offered me the budget to renovate my 12sqm room however I wished. After some time of using the finished room, I realized that I loved spending time there, and as I would truly enjoy my environment, it made my happier, more productive. Since then I want to give the same feelings to other people, help them enjoy their space, affect them in a positive way.

My values 
I do the best I can in everything I do, chasing excellence. Why? Because excellence requires continuous learning and development, putting into action what is learned. As Ron Kaufman, in his video Uplifting Service, defines: service excellence consists of taking the next step up to create more value for someone else. Something that may be unbelievable now, may become normal and basic in sometime.         
Connect with me
Find me online on most digital platforms by clicking the links below, or email me at isopescu.laurentiu@gmail.com
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